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Hypnotherapy & NLP:

Through private sessions, Stanley will integrate hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools that work with your unconscious mind to remove imprints and change unwanted habits, boost your attitude and solve inner conflicts.


As a Personal Coach Stanley’s goal is to help you achieve a state of Flow and optimal performance using concentration methods from a broad variety of sources. Learn how to manage stress and instantly shift your state of mind through the art of mindfulness meditation, Anapanasati and guided meditation.

Weight Loss:

Hypnosis is especially effective with weight loss challenges. Through personal sessions with Stanley you can develop and maintain motivation, change your eating habits, and transform your relationship to food. You can also release self-doubts, judgmental thoughts and anxiety about food. By rebalancing your metabolism, you’ll feel more confident and have the mind-set to  reach your goals of being a slimmer, healthier, happier you.
Tapping into his unique background, Stanley integrates special techniques from mindfulness, tai-chi, NLP and self-hypnosis to help you handle cravings, self-esteem and other personal issues. By reprogramming your unconscious, your mind and body can reach a state of alignment. Only then can you develop the clear intentions to create new habits, make better choices and experience the rewards of achieving your ideal weight.

Quit Smoking:

If you are ready to stop smoking, hypnosis can be a powerful tool for dissolving your smoking triggers and strengthening your motivation to quit. Working with Stanley, you’ll understand why you smoke, develop the skills to eradicate cravings and find more rewarding behaviors to enhance your life.
Stanley is also an American Lung Association Freedom From Smoking® Facilitator. He uses techniques based on pharmacological and psychological principles and methods designed to help you gain control over your behavior. Because no single cessation technique is effective for all smokers, the program includes a comprehensive variety of evidence-based cessation techniques.
Combining Eastern and Western methodologies, Stanley can customize a program most effective for you to get the success you desire quickly and easily.

Support Services:

Stanley uses Hypnosis, NLP, Eastern and Western mindfulness techniques and relaxation techniques to overcome obstacles and address the most challenging issues for people in embracing many occupations and lifestyles.

Performance Artists/Musicians

Stanley will provide support and teach you skills to help you manage anxiety and achieve optimal performance before auditions, recitals, competitions, job interviews, public speaking and other life challenges.


Stanley supports writers and artists during their creative process to inspire and enhance your creativity and remove blocks so you can more readily achieve your desired goals.


Using trance processes Stanley works with the subconscious mind to remove inner obstacles, negative programming and imprints. This boosts your inner strength so it acts on your behalf, inspiring a positive attitude while helping you form good habits for career success.
His hypnosis & NLP techniques are especially effective in stopping procrastination, initiating constructive action, and effectively dealing with rejection.

College students:

Combining hypnotherapy with NLP, mindfulness meditation, relaxation and other concentration techniques, Stanley coaches college students to: stop procrastination, take constructive action, improve focus and concentration, handle distractions, boost grades and academic performance and manage the stress that comes with college life.

Martial artists:

A seasoned martial artist himself, Stanley is skilled at addressing performance anxiety issues through coaching in mindfulness mediation & Tai-chi principles. He will help you work with your subconscious mind to optimize performance and Flow as well as overcoming distractions through masterful concentration techniques. He’ll also share his expertise on improving your combat skills.

Athletes and Golfers:

Performance anxiety can be a huge obstacle for any athlete. Using his arsenal of mindfulness tools, Stanley helps athletes and golfers achieve freedom from distractions, heightened concentration and optimal performance to achieve their personal goals.


Stanley is adept at working with investors, helping them manage stress, anxiety and other emotions to create greater confidence and better decision-making.
Gamblers will also achieve results in managing their attitudes and behaviors to create more peace and harmony in their lives.


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