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Want MORE from your life?

Through the power of Transformational Integration Seattle area residents can experience greater …

  •      Success
  •      Achievement
  •      Stress management
  •      Mood enhancement
  •      Peak performance
  •      Personal fulfillment

Transformational Integration is ideal for overcoming obstacles, boosting confidence and increasing motivation for:

  • musicians, artists, writers, designers and other creative professionals
  • sales people
  • investors
  • college students
  • martial artists
  • athletes
  • golfers

It’s also effective for anyone who wants better sleep, to quit smoking or control their weight.

What is Transformational Integration?

Created by Master Coach Stanley Ou Yang, Transformational Integration is a synthesis of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Martial Arts, Life Coaching and Meditation.

These systems are some of the most powerful resource tools available for transforming your life — quickly and effectively — in the specific ways you desire.

Stanley customizes each protocol to meet your specific needs, goals and level of motivation. As you progress, you will achieve greater satisfaction along with a deeper awareness of the limitless possibilities awaiting you!

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